The only Transparent. Private. Sovereign. Office Suite.

Software as a service in Edge Cloud !

A decentralised Saas system!

  • Applications run in the box (and all related session elements)

  • You can access them normally from the internet, and with less latency locally, but you are not dependent on the CLOUD providers

  • You keep all your data in the physical box you buy. This is your micro-cloud.

  • You can access the product specifications on its technocal specifications sheet.

Office Productivity Tools you need!

Why is Work.Edge responsible?

  • Work.Edge is transparent about all the layers that make up its stack from the box to the application. They are all OpenSource and developed in Europe (>95%).

  • Work.Edge sells you what you need to be resilient to offshore laws and the evolution of widespread surveillance. You unplug the box, it is no longer accessible by anyone.

  • Mail, visio, chat, files, groups…The equivalent of Teams with the data in your office.

  • You can test Netframe in its SaaS version for free at

Zero Administration

You don’t need any technical skills to use WorkEdge

  • All system or application updates, operational maintenance and real-time monitoring of the box is done for you remotely (“like the cloud”). You are secure.

  • You administer your applications from the application web interfaces. Just like any other tool.

  • We discuss together the most relevant way to organise your backup and set it up for you. Nothing is lost.

Just try it!

It has never been easier to really secure data and communications from hardware to software

Workedge pour tous les secteurs d'activité


You are working on your network and wish to keep everything inside. Working with VPN and securing connection points no longer entirely suits you. You are looking for a solution where you can maintain control while facilitating access (behind a CDN) anywhere in the world. You are seeking an ‘in-house’ Teams solution: you are in the right place.


You work on vehicles that roll (on road or rail), fly, or float. You work in isolated sites, white zones, or island environments. You aim for less latency for nearby usage.


Entering new markets where lawfare is the norm. Lobbying, business lawyers, M&A, secretive professions, intelligence, and information fields. You don’t want to delegate your trust to anyone. Local expertise and global access via standard ports through a browser.

Secret industry

You want to propose Netframe and deploy it for your client base in Europe or abroad. You are looking to complement Nextcloud with an offer more focused on communication. You are a telecom operator serving B2B or B2C clients and want to provide default applications. Netframe is frugal, robust, and open-source, so you can audit its code.

Choose an Edgepod

Why choose WorkEdge?

Netframe is a sovereign and open-source digital workplace. Our team supports you in your preferred deployment mode according to your requirements and security level.

Le edge cloud permet d’avoir accès aux avantages du cloud et du on premise en même temps en construisant un réseau de machine décentralisée administrée comme un cloud.

You control the infrastructure (both data and session data), not just the access modes. You choose the degree of connection to the outside.

Of course you can stack edgepods.