Helping you taking back control of your information system, data, real privacy and legal consequences.

WorkEdge combines the strengths of Nexedi and Netframe to offer a range of services and products to protect against unauthorised access to data, the legal consequences of multiple extraterritorial laws, to improve the resilience of its infrastructure and to reduce latency for everyday use in areas with poor connectivity or far from the DC providing the services. WorkEdge’s mission is to increase the technological mastery of organisations, to better protect themselves.

Our flagship product is an office suite accessible anywhere in the world with web access sold in a box (edgepod); offering control from the equipment to the final application layer. We also provide managed edge deployment on your own infrastructure or that of your choice. We provide technical support for improving the resilience of a company’s cloud and/or for choices aimed at a sovereign cloud. We work exclusively with the provider Rapid.Space.

Our operating principle is radical transparency: products, processes and software. By offering these elements to our customers, we allow them to verify the effective integrity of their IS and the good protection of their data. They can also choose to strengthen the security of their data in the way that best suits their practice.

WorkEdge is independent and at the service of its customers.

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