Apps, sessions, data : everything remain in the pod.

Edge on your IS

30€ + 3€ per user


  • SlapOS + Netframe Office Suite on your infrastructure
  • You keep full control of your infrastructure.
  • We keep Netframe up and running and you get all the updates for free.


40€ + 3€ per user


+ One-off purchase of EdgePod : 450 EUR

  • Small depth front panel box, plug and play. Zero administration.
  • Netframe Office Suite maintained in good working order with free updates.
  • Choice of redundancy.


Upon Request

WorkEdge supports your IS for a better technological control.

  • On-premise or cloud-based, multi-context hardware solutions (Rapid Space)
  • Unified deployment environment (SlapOS)
  • Netframe application solutions; and more depending on your needs.
Is it for you?

We have written blog posts to help you figure out if you should really be secure with us.