Why would you want an office suite in edge ?

I have nothing to hide… but I need the edge if :

Edge Cloud is a technology that allows data to be processed at the edge of the network, close to the end user, rather than in remote data centres. This approach offers many benefits, including reduced latency and improved data security. In this post, we will explore five different use cases where the Edge Cloud can be particularly useful.

  1. Reducing latency in low connectivity areas: The Edge Cloud can reduce the latency experienced in a local network when using office tools in low connectivity areas or calling applications hosted in data centres. This is particularly useful in locations such as Reunion Island where connectivity may be limited.
  2. Protecting the legal profession and legal services: The Edge Cloud allows the legal profession and legal services to be beyond the reach of broad information gathering or enforcement of extraterritorial laws. This approach ensures the confidentiality of sensitive data.
  3. Ensuring absolute data protection: The Edge Cloud guarantees absolute protection of your data, whether it is files or application usage data. This is particularly important for investment banks, executive committees, and small business owners working on sensitive operations who want to be sure they have control of their data.
  4. Reducing security and sovereignty costs: The Edge Cloud can help companies reduce security and sovereignty costs. The fees advertised to achieve this goal are often exorbitant (specific HDS/SecNumCloud data centre area, very expensive cybersecurity software, permanent internal processes and KYC, private VPN, etc.) and can lead to a degradation of internal usage. By using the Edge Cloud, companies can benefit from a simple, effective and cheaper solution.
  5. Ensure resilience in the event of a business interruption: The Edge Cloud also allows you to set up resilience backups in the event of a business interruption to your information system. By processing data locally, you can ensure continuity of service in the event of a central system failure. This can be particularly important for companies that need to ensure continuous availability of their services.

In conclusion, the Edge Cloud offers many benefits for businesses looking to improve efficiency and security while reducing costs. Whether it is to reduce latency, protect sensitive data or provide resilience in the event of business disruption, the Edge Cloud can be an interesting solution to consider.